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WAYSS is committed to the rights of people who use its services. WAYSS encourages you to exercise your rights and give feedback about the service you receive.

Your rights are:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To be treated with courtesy
  • To be assessed for a service
  • To be told about services
  • To complain about the service you receive
  • To have someone speak on your behalf
  • To have an interpreter
  • To have your culture and beliefs respected
  • To privacy and confidentiality

Your responsibilities are:

  • To respect others
  • To treat other people with courtesy
  • To participate in helping WAYSS provide you with services
  • To fulfil any agreements and legal obligations
  • To not engage in behaviour that is illegal, abusive or harms others.


WAYSS Rights and Responsibilities

WAYSS has the right to:

  • Provide service in a safe and pleasant environment
  • Make decisions about service provision
  • Exercise its legal rights
  • Ensure services are of the best standard and quality
  • Refuse to provide a service


In providing services, WAYSS have a responsibility:

  • To promote and respect the independence and dignity of the client
  • To ensure that access to service is decided only on the basis of need and capacity to meet that need.
  • To inform clients about options WAYSS services provide.
  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of the client.
  • To deal with client complaints fairly and promptly.

What to do if you don’t think you rights have been met

Raise the issue with WAYSS staff. If you don’t think your rights have been met or you disagree with a decision, talk to WAYSS staff. Tell staff your concerns and ask them to explain why a decision has been made. WAYSS welcomes your feedback as an opportunity to review its services.

If you don’t agree with, or are not satisfied with, the explanation, ask how you can use WAYSS complaints procedure.