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WAYSS will provide you with access to information collected about you.

You will be provided with information on how to access your information and a worker can support you to do this.

Requests for access to information must be made in writing.

In order to see your WAYSS Ltd file, the worker will ask you to complete a request form. You will then be asked to sign a release form to say that you have taken this information with you. WAYSS Ltd will aim to comply with your request in a timely manner.

You will be required to provide identification or authority before access to information is provided.

If access is denied, then you will be told why in writing.

Access maybe denied for some of the following reasons

  • serious threat to life or health of the individual
  • impact on another person’s privacy
  • Existing legal proceedings

If access is denied a request can be put into writing and directed to the CEO.