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WAYSS will contribute to the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students in fields of study relevant to the business of the organisation, through the provision of supervised student placements.

Clients receiving services from WAYSS are entitled to determine whether or not they will have contact with students.

The WAYSS Client Privacy Policy will apply to students.

All initial enquires for student placement will be referred to Human Resources at WAYSS Dandenong Office. Contact 9791 6111. Human Resources will inform students that WAYSS deals directly with educational institutions Placement Coordinators. Students are encouraged to discuss this with their Placement Coordinator.

Students will only be accepted on placements after going through a selection process.

Students will be provided with an orientation and are expected to gain knowledge of all WAYSS programs.

WAYSS welcomes agency visits from groups of students. These visits provide an organisational snapshot. Students can contact WAYSS individually and maybe placed with other students for the agency visit. Contact 9791 6111.