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WAYSS is committed to the principles of social justice and human rights. WAYSS will provide clients with services that uphold their rights, promote choice, equality, dignity and respect in a manner that is non-discriminatory, fair and honest.


It is WAYSS core purpose to assist individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to improve their life circumstances by providing access to stable, affordable and safe accommodation. WAYSS exists to serve those in the community who are experiencing difficulties by offering support and advocacy to alleviate homelessness and re-establish connections and links in the community. WAYSS will provide a voice for awareness of homelessness issues and lobby for any structural change required to address homelessness.


WAYSS will measure the success of its work by:

  1. Maintaining its focus on clients by monitoring client outcomes and feedback, and aiming to reduce the rate of recidivism.
  2. Being an employer of choice demonstrated through WAYSS low staff turnover and meeting staff needs through training, conditions of employment and participation in how our services are delivered.
  3. Ongoing working relationships and partnerships with other agencies that view WAYSS as outcome and client focused, reliable, flexible, honest and open.
  4. Recognition of WAYSS as an expert and leader in homelessness issues by our opinion being sought by the community and government. WAYSS will be invited to participate in government planning and redevelopment of the sector. WAYSS will be the preferred organisation for new funding and as a result will have successful submission outcomes.
  5. Having a reputation for fairness and honesty, clear accountability to the client, the government and the community
  6. The ability of WAYSS to present information and data to effect structural and social change at multiple levels within the community and government.
  7. Ensuring that complaints are taken seriously and followed up with the use of fair and just processes. WAYSS will use complaints as a learning tool.
  8. Continually improving and evaluating ourselves through self assessment, monitoring and review, to pursue a learning environment where WAYSS strives for the highest quality service delivery.