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A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the service you have received from WAYSS.

You will be informed about you right to complain and be provided assistance, as appropriate, by the relevant staff member to make that complaint. WAYSS staff will inform you of, and assist you with access advocacy agencies and interpreter services as required.

In the first instance, resolution of the complaint should be sought at the point of service.

We encourage you to bring your complaint to the attention of staff as soon as your feel dissatisfied. This allows WAYSS staff the opportunity to resolve the matter at the time.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved at the time, you will be assured that details will be conveyed to the Coordinator. You will always be given the option of relaying your complaint directly to the Coordinator or the Manager.

You can make a complaint at a WAYSS office or call a WAYSS office and ask to speak to the Coordinator of the program you had contact with.

You will be informed of how your complaint will be handled.

A WAYSS staff member will complete a Client Complaint Record with you in as much detail as possible. You have the option of completing this form with the Coordinator or Manager. The Manager or Coordinator will discuss with you further investigations and how your complaint will be handled.