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DCHAP is a program that provides homelessness assistance and support to people on a Drug Treatment Order (DTO) that have been sentenced by the Drug Court of Victoria; these particular clients have been identified as homeless or at risk of homelessness.  This may be identified during the assessment period and/or during their DTO.  DCHAP assists clients to obtain short, medium and long term, affordable accommodation that suits/ fits the requirements and obligations that need to be met as part of their DTO. The primary role of the DCHAP, in conjunction with the Drug Court team, is to assist the client to address whatever factors are underlying the fact that they are homeless or impacting upon the resolution of their homelessness including and beyond drug or alcohol dependency.  DCHAP, in conjunction with the Drug Court Team, also assists the client to address the underlying factors contributing to their homelessness, beyond their drug or alcohol dependency.  Such issues may include unemployment, ill health, family breakdown, etc.

The program operates using a combination of office based and outreach services. Workers are able to meet with clients at a variety of locations depending on the need and accommodation circumstances.

Referrals to DCHAP can only be made by the Drug Court Team, specifically, the Specialist Community Corrections Officers responsible for the case management of the referred client.

DCHAP services are located at: