Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program

Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program (SHASP), Support Workers provide support to Office of Housing tenants who require assistance to establish or maintain their tenancy. 

Intervention At Risk Tenancies

SHASP Support Workers provide intensive short-term support to Office of Housing tenants whose tenancies have been identified as “at risk” of breaking down.  The program employs a case managed approach, and in partnership with the client, will identify and address issues impacting on their tenancy.  SHASP will provide support where necessary and, where identified, appropriate referrals to other Government and non-government organisations.  Clients will be encouraged to actively participate, where possible, to achieve identified goals, thus increasing their independence.  The programs aims to develop the clients’ skill base so as to avoid further support periods, however clients can re-access the program if necessary.             

Establishing Successful Tenancies

SHASP Support Workers provide ongoing minimal support for up to 6 months to assist Early Housing (Segment 3) clients identified by the Office of Housing who require assistance to “establish” their tenancy.  In partnership with the client the program aims to identify and address the issues impacting on the clients’ ability to facilitate a successful transition into the Office of Housing property.  It is hoped by providing support at this early stage of a clients’ tenancy that a successful long term tenancy will result.  It should be noted that SHASP Support Workers will only provide support if no other support program is engaged i.e. SAAP 


The SHASP Support Workers are located in Dandenong.  The program will be provided based on an outreach model and can therefore arrange for appointments within the Dandenong and Frankston Office of Housing catchment areas to assist making the program accessible to all who meet the eligibility requirements.

Who and how to refer into the SHASP Support Program

Referrals to SHASP Support Workers can only be made by either the Office of Housing or by WAYSS Homelessness Services.  If you would like to discuss the program or referral procedures further then you can call the SHASP Coordinator. 

Participation in the SHASP Support Program is voluntary.

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